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Divine Comedy

One of the great fascinations in the church today is with temperament analysis. It is difficult to find a book produced by a church-related publisher that doesn't discuss cholerics and phlegmatics or thinkers and feelers or motivated ability patterns. I personally have taken the Myers-Briggs Inventory so often I'm no longer certain I have any personality left at all.

Which is why I was so pleased to hear that the definitive personality diagnostic tool is finally available. A friend told me about it, and its elegant simplicity is characteristic of pure science at its finest.

To put it in lay terms, this theory maintains that all human beings fit into one of three basic personality types: the Moe personality type, the Larry personality type, or the Curly personality type.

The Moe type is the person with a high need to be in charge. General Patton and Billy Sunday were Moes. All books with the words vision or leadership in the title are written by Moes. All popes are Moe.

The Larry type is a ...

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