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Confessions of an Evangelistically-Impaired Pastor

I am a pastor with a terrible confession to make: I do not get excited about "soul-winning."

I can't help it. I feel guilty about it. I have tried to repent of it. I will go to therapy over it. But in the end I must honestly confess that altar calls and "Just as I Am" leave me cool if not cold.

Don't get me wrong: I have a passion for Christ, the gospel, and people. I believe that faith in Christ is essential to eternal life. But bringing people to pray to receive Christ is not what lights my ministry fire.

I can recall my student days at a leading midwestern university where, as part of a campus parachurch group, I "led fellow students to pray to receive Jesus as their Savior." What could be more exciting, right?

Why did I not share the joy my staff worker did over one more lost sheep coming into the family of God? What was wrong with me? I loved God. I was serious about following Christ. I made sacrifices and took risks living out my faith. I even went to seminary and entered the pastoral ...

From Issue:Spring 1995: Evangelism
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