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What Leaders Are Reading

"A Generation of Seekers"

by Wade Clark Roof, et al; Harper San Francisco, 1993

" … describes the Boomer generation and gives some workable leads on how to connect with them." --Haddon Robinson, Harold J. Ockenga professor of preaching, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

"Conflict Mediation across Cultures"

by David Augsburger; Westminster/John Knox Press, 1992

"Given the fractious nature of world affairs, evangelism seems to go hand in hand with conflict resolution these days. This is a truly groundbreaking book on what it takes to communicate effectively in multicultural settings." --Terry C. Muck, professor of world religions, Austin Theological Seminary.

"Dispatches from the Front"

by Stanley M. Hauerwas; Duke University Press, 1994

"Who says Christians are intellectual wimps? Hauerwas rigorously engages the modern `cultural despisers' and gives them a run for their money." --William Willimon, dean of the chapel and professor of Christian ministry, Duke University.

"Foolishness to ...

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