Simon and Garfunkel, the Oak Ridge Boys, and the Temptations--they all have a harmony that borders on the divine. Individual parts blend into a glorious whole; the many become one. Divine harmony is not the first phrase that comes to mind when describing the music of church boards. Too often board music is the "clanging cymbal" described by Paul in First Corinthians 13. But it doesn't have to be that way.

To find out what it takes for a pastor and board to work well together, LEADERSHIP editors Bob Moeller and David Goetz talked with two leaders from Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan: Ed Dobson, Calvary's pastor; and Jim Buick, former CEO of The Zondervan Corporation and a church board member.

Calvary Church has a long history of strong-minded leaders, yet as you'll hear in this conversation, they've found a way to keep the music in their relationship.


Is "enjoyable board meeting" an oxymoron?


Boards deal with serious issues, so I don't believe there is a way to ...

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