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Percentage of Americans who say they would not report to the IRS $2,000 in cash they earned from sideline work: 32

Instances of sex per hour on daytime TV dramas: NBC, 4.6; ABC, 7.2; CBS, 7.7

Number of nonchurched Americans who listen to Christian radio: 1 in 6

Year the Soviet Union legalized abortions: 1928

Average number of abortions per woman in nations of the former USSR: 2.5-4

In the West: 0.63

Number of Muslims in the U.S.: 3-4 million

Years until Muslims may outnumber Presbyterians in the U.S.: 5

Amount of money the U.S. State Department set aside to purchase condoms for troops deployed in Haiti: $200,000

Percentage of medical office visits made for stress-related symptoms: 60-90

Percentage of 10-year-old males in the housing projects of one large U.S. city who had had sex: 28

Of 13-year-old males: 76

Of 15-year-old males: 100

Percentage of parents who ask their sixth graders about their homework: 74

Who ask their twelfth graders: 47

Percentage of Americans who believe that killing a doctor who ...

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From Issue:Winter 1995: Team Ministry
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