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10 Ways Leaders Keep Others from Emerging

Almost every leader says, "People are our greatest resource." But it's not uncommon to find leaders who don't really allow others to develop. I have seen leaders, perhaps unintentionally, do one or more of the following:

Magnify the risk.

"I know you want this job, but remember: if you fail, you're out."

Minimize the reward.

Instead of talking about the sheer joy of accomplishment, they emphasize the drudgery. "How does your spouse feel about your not coming home for dinner? There will be a lot of nights you'll be working."

Create a threat.

"You really don't like people criticizing you, do you? As a boss, you're going to have to get over that. Everybody in this place gets criticism."

Show a lack of confidence.

"I doubt you're really the right person, but we haven't got anybody else. Somebody has to fill the job." Since every person beginning a job has never done it before, it's easy to tell somebody he or she ...

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