Sex, Lawsuits, & Videotapes

Three new videos help prevent legal and sexual entanglements.

Joan Brown loves children. When Pastor Jim asked her to pick up three children in Greenwood Meadows for Sunday school, she was honored.

On the way to church, however, Joan ran a stop sign and was hit by another driver. Joan and two of the children were injured. The church offered comfort and support to Joan, the children, and the families of the injured.

What did the church get in return?

Two lawsuits claiming negligent hiring and negligent supervision.

No one knew that Joan was nicknamed "Indy 500 Joan" by the Motor Vehicle Department. No one knew that asking her to pick up kids fell under the same rules as hiring an employee. To their chagrin, no one knew the church's insurance didn't cover these eventualities.

If they had viewed the video, How to Protect Your Children's Ministry from Liability (Gospel Light, $49.99), they would have.

J. David Epstein, an attorney, hosts this video, ...

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