At a retirement celebration, well-known church consultant Lyle Schaller was asked what his career failings had been. The question seemed inappropriate; but as Schaller thought about it later, he came up with four. One that stood out: Not convincing church leaders that the automobile is here to stay.

Many churches still assume a small, village-parish model in which people hear the church bells and walk from their farms to church. Yet today, most people drive by several churches before they reach their congregation of choice. What does that reality mean for your church?


Tom Osborne, longtime football coach at the University of Nebraska, writes, "Fear is a tremendous detriment in coaching or any other endeavor. So many times coaches think of all the bad things that can happen. We fret about the reaction of the public if we lose. Pretty soon we get stilted in what we're doing as a coach.

"But if my primary goal is to serve and honor God, I'm able to do what ...

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