One Lord, One Faith, Two Services

In most churches thirty years old or older, the original worship service looked much like the one last Sunday. The songs, message, schedule, and style are predictable and comfortable. These services provide genuine spiritual nourishment for regular attenders. If they were dissatisfied, they wouldn't keep coming back.

At the same time, many churches older than thirty years are struggling to reach unchurched people in their community. The worship attendance in 83 percent of all such churches in America is plateaued or in decline. Half of the 242,000 churches that fall into this category did not add one new member last year through conversion. And research consistently tells us that the majority of people not active in a church regard traditional church services as boring and irrelevant.

That's why I believe most churches in North America should be offering at least two different worship services and styles every Sunday.


Adding a second service gives you several advantages.

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