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Someone has finally found a use for alcohol that doesn't destroy families, wreck careers, or kill people on our highways. The city of Stockholm, Sweden, recently purchased 750,000 gallons of red wine for conversion into ethanol to fuel its public buses.

Estimated number of Americans attending Twelve Step programs today: 14,000,000


Number of children being raised by grandparents without a parent in the home: 1,017,000

Percentage of households with children that are headed by one parent: 30.8

Percentage of births to unmarried women: 31

Percentage of adults who strongly agree that "parents today are too lenient and permissive with their children": 63


Percentage of adults who visited a public library at least once last year: 67

Percentage of adults who have never owned a personal computer: 55


Number of unmarried adults in 1970: 37 million

Number in 1993: 72 million

Percentage of previously cohabiting married couples who divorce within 10 years: 38

Percentage of married ...

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