For Heaven's Sake

Can a Kansas farmer grow a California church? Lyle Steenis did. Back in 1948, he plotted his field, broke up the ground, sowed, watered, and finally reaped. Folks back home told the tale of how he saw a cloud formation in a clear Kansas sky that spelled P.c. They thought the sign meant PLOW Corn. Lyle said it meant PREACH Christ.

So Lyle diligently followed what he discerned as the Lord's direction. He moved to Redondo Beach, when it was all sand dunes and fields, and built a little church with his own hands. He and his wife made their home the church nursery while they struggled to grow a congregation. He prayed for souls and for revival.

It seemed the Lord had answered his prayers, and in a neat and tidy way, too. By 1969, Brother Steenis was pastor to about three hundred middle-class, middle-aged family folks. There was spiritual growth and numerical growth. God was at work in their lives.

Then something messy happened. It was chaotic. It was unorthodox. It was revival.

Some kids from the ...

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