Scripture & Application

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday—Sunday. That's often the rhythm of a preacher's week. Other tasks can be postponed, but the sermon will happen, one way or the other. This issue of Leadership helps with two important aspects of applying the Scriptures to daily life.

Preparing the sermon

Veteran preaching instructor Haddon Robinson claims the application of a sermon contains more room for error than the exposition. Read how to keep application accurate in our feature interview, The Heresy of Application(p. 20).

Some sections of Scripture are more difficult to preach than others. In From B.C. to 11 a.m. (p. 52), Montana pastor Steven D. Mathewson offers practical insights on preaching Old Testament narratives. Then biblical scholar Elizabeth Achtemeier busts a few myths about preaching prophetically in Preaching the Prophets with Honor (p. 57).

In today's world, certain doctrines of Scripture don't receive a ready hearing. New York City pastor Tim Keller explains that when Preaching ...

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From Issue:Fall 1997: Scripture & Application
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