To Verify


Translations/versions by percent of total Bible sales:

New International Version—40
King James—20
New King James—10
Living Bible—7
New American Standard—5
International Children's—4
The Message—3.5
New Revised Standard—3
All others—7.5


Percentage of Americans who believe that "most people can be trusted": 35


In his "Report to the Entertainment Industry," Ted Baehr states that in 1995, G-rated movies made 250 percent more in gross profits than R-rated films, while PG-rated movies made 168 percent more.

Baehr also stated that only 35 percent of movies produced in 1995 reflected biblical principles, while 40 percent of the top-ten money-making films reflected such principles.


A recent Business Week poll listed inventions Americans said they couldn't live without (by percentage):

Automobile—63 Light bulb—54 Telephone—42 Television—22 Aspirin—19 Microwave oven—13 Blow-dryer—7.8 Personal ...

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