Microwave Popcorn

InClicking, Faith Popcorn writes about sixteen trends. Here are four of her trends with implications for ministry.


"The core of Anchoring is taking comfort in what was safe and secure from the past in order to get ready for the future. … Spirituality is at the very heart and soul of the Anchoring Trend."

Takeaway: Given our culture's present insatiable spiritual thirst, pastors will need more than ever to train new followers of Christ in "church." For example, that the church is not an it-doesn't-matter-what-I-believe sort of place.


"Clanning hitches us up with those who share our interests. . . . [It] is the Trend that asserts, 'I'm a part of a group, and proud of it. I belong.'"

Takeaway: This identifies the deep need of humans to be part of something larger than themselves. The payoffs of service are the relationships and identity it provides.


"Me, myself, and I are the driving forces behind Egonomics. 'Me' wants customization; 'myself' is a name, not ...

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