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Is Dilbert on Your Board?

A New York Times bestseller may explain why church leadership is so tough.

I don't understand. My lay leaders work in the corporate world and daily deal with technology and change, yet our board just voted down a request for new software and tabled a recommendation to improve Sunday school.

If you identify with this statement, you may need to read The Dilbert Principle: a cubicle's-eye view of bosses, meetings, management fads, & other workplace afflictions (HarperCollins, $20, 335 pages) by Scott Adams. This humorous book will do more than make you laugh

Scott Adams has created Dilbert, the title character in a syndicated cartoon strip and a runaway bestseller book. This fictitious cartoon character symbolizes pain in the work place. Even Newsweek featured Dilbert on its cover with the headline "Work Is Hell." The issues addressed by Adams are the anger and frustration of white-collar workers, many of whom show up in church on Sunday

For seventeen years, Adams ...

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