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Nearly every observer of America's religious scene agrees: the past three or four decades have brought radical changes. What has been the most significant change?

Radical changes

  1. A religious reawakening with an emphasis on personal relationships with Jesus Christ?
  2. The replacement of the neighborhood congregation by the regional church?
  3. The expanded role of women in the church?
  4. The evolution from the 1960s' emphasis on racial integration to the 1990s' affirmation of ethnic separation?
  5. The new era of contemporary Christian music?
  6. The unprecedented increase in the number of large congregations that project high expectations of anyone seeking to become a full member?
  7. The change in emphasis from converting non-believers to transforming believers into disciples?
  8. The impact of television on worship and preaching?
  9. The gradual reduction in the number of Christians who identify themselves as "Protestants"?
  10. The erosion of denominational affiliation as a central component in a congregation's identity?
  11. The recent rapid increase in the number of congregations with multiple meeting places?
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