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For Heaven's Sake

We had several special visitors with us the night the Vineyard Music Group recorded a live album at our church. Besides the guest musicians and visiting pastor, we had Carol, who hadn't been able to give her heart fully in worship for more than a year. Not since the day she had been shot and her daughter killed before her eyes by a young man with a temper and a gun.

No one blamed her. Her husband had just returned from a fasting-and-prayer retreat the day his only child was killed. They had put their trust in God. God did not seem trustworthy. Still, Carol remained faithful to a God she did not understand.

The worship service was a bit unusual, as we sang each song several times. One selection, "The Lord Directs My Steps," caught my attention because of Carol's troubled expression the first time the worship team sang it for us:

I will trust You all the time in any situation. I give all my worries to You. I know it will be just fine no matter what You do. I will be thankful, so very grateful. ...
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