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Will the Circle Be Broken?

We have a wonderful preacher," reflected a long-time member of First Church. "We enjoy a superb choir, we have a good Sunday school, and our people really love one another. How come our church isn't attracting those baby boomers who are supposedly returning to the church?

"I've always been told the four keys to church growth are superb preaching, inspiring music, an excellent Sunday school, and friendly people. We have all four, plus an excellent building that we remodeled six years ago, and nearly a hundred spaces of off-street parking. Why don't we grow?"

Fair questions. Why does this congregation with its many assets not attract new members? A central reason may be a shortage of entry points for new people.

Opening the closed circle

Most long-established churches resemble a large closed circle. Most of the resources are allocated to meeting the needs of the members already within that circle. This includes the priorities on the pastor's time and energy, the use of the building, the ...

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