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Harry Caray wasn't Chicago's best songleader, but he was the best known. The 84-year-old sportscaster, the voice of the Cubs, died just before spring training this year, forever silencing his trademark lead-in to the seventh-inning-stretch anthem.

"Lemme hear ya," he'd bellow. "Uh one, uh two, uh three … " and we'd all sing, "Take me out to the ball game."

Harry wasn't slick, often mispronouncing names. An unabashed fan, he'd cheer each home run with "It might be … it could be … it is! Holy cow!"

He was Everyman. Even his theology came from the bleacher seats. In his book Holy Cow! he wrote, "I am not a religious man. I've made some mistakes in my life. Dutchie is my third wife … and I've paid a lot of alimony in my time. But I've always believed in Almighty God. I've always believed that if you live your life as a decent person, the umpire in the end will say you did it right."

While there may be more to Harry's beliefs than I've read, this statement reflects ...

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