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The Pastor's Soul

Maybe it's just a case of post-Christmas syndrome. Then again, maybe it's the disappointment of falling short of your goals last year. A nettlesome conflict. Or is it the result of pouring your energy into others without stopping to refuel?

Whatever the reason, spiritual leaders sometimes find their spirits sagging.

You asked for practical ways to regain and maintain spiritual well-being, and we heard you. In this issue of Leadership, you'll find help and hope to slay the beasts of discouragement and doubt.

Finding grace amid pressure

Craig Barnes, pastor of National Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C., talks honestly about how, when we're pressured to achieve, we can begin to receive from God. The conversation begins on page 20.

Restoring your soul

Wondering where to begin the work of restoration? Leadership adviser Fred Smith gives advice on assessing our spiritual condition (p. 40); then Gordon MacDonald tells how to begin a "Monday Morning Restoration" (p. 28).

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