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Applying Your Leadership Style

Four questions to make you and your leaders more effective.

After reading "Finding Your Leadership Style," ask yourself the following questions. For maximum impact, have your key lay leaders or staff also read the article and answer these questions for themselves. Then meet as a group to discuss your answers.

1. What are my dominant leadership styles?
Each person in the group should list his or her key styles and ask, "How accurate was I in this self-assessment?" It's as important to know what leadership styles you don't have as it is to realize what styles you lead from naturally.

2. How well does my leadership style fit my situation?
If you're an entrepreneurial leader in a hundred-year-old church that never wants to start something new, or if you're a managing leader but your organization is dying for vision, you'll be a frustrated leader.

3. What leadership styles are lacking on our team?
Even great teams have weak spots. By answering this question, you can decide who needs to be the next hire, consultant, or guest contributor.

4. How ...

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