Hope for the Difficult Emotion

Changing sinful patterns happens in community.

Last issue's devotional on the subject of anger uncorked a geyser of responses. Here are only a few:

*"Last week I lost my temper with another member of my congregation, and God dealt with me firmly for it. I regretted the words as they were coming out of my mouth. I come from a rough background, and my anger has been an ongoing battle ever since I got saved. I had to go back to that person and apologize for my performance and ask for forgiveness. I was forgiven, but I still beat myself up for it."

*"Did Jesus sin when he, in anger, picked up a whip to drive the money changers out of the temple? Do you think he struck any of the money changers when he was driving them out?"

*"Anger, righteously, rather than selfishly motivated, is God's intuitive gift. If it is of the Spirit rather than of the flesh (or of human nature as the GNB puts it), it can alert us to danger: physical, emotional or moral. But then we have to resist the temptation of over-balancing into destructive self-righteousness." ...

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