Leaders Need New Focus for New Millennium
Futurist says put past behind you.

Joel Barker's lessons for next century leaders:

1. Focus the majority of your efforts on the future. Followers are concerned about the present, but a leader's primary responsibility is to find, recognize, and secure the future. A leader is someone you choose to follow to a place you wouldn't go by yourself.

2. Understand the nature of fundamental change. New paradigms show up before you need them; outsiders are vital. New rules are usually formulated by someone not part of the present, successful paradigm.

3. Appreciate complex systems and how they work. The smallest actions can cause tremendous differences over a long period of time. Anticipate what even tinkering will do.

4. Examine your leadership style to see how it affects productivity. Two leader types, charismatic and bully, are determined by positive or negative use of control and stress and by the measure of their followers' satisfaction. ...

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