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Web Wisdom, Coming E-Attractions

Whether overhauling your Web site or starting one from scratch …

1. Keep it simple. Start with a short address that makes sense. You might have to pay a bit extra, but it's worth it. Look in the computer magazines for an Internet service provider that will offer you a good address.

Make navigation simple. Keep links to other parts of the site visible from the front page without having to scroll down. Make sure links are a different color from the background and text. Don't add so much information that navigating becomes a chore.

2. Keep it sharp. The Web is a graphic medium, and graphic design is a specialized skill. Web design and maintenance is an excellent opportunity to involve skilled lay people who have not yet found a ministry niche.

Is your congregation short on computer nerds? Hire a pro. You can scale down your expectations to save money, but it's better to have one sharp page than a hundred dull ones no one uses.

3. Keep it real. The church's virtual presence should ...

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From Issue:Fall 1999: The Forecast
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