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Ministerial R & Rx

There's more ministry for ministers today than ever before—but how do you find it? Here's a start.

We know it's only a beginning. There are far too many counselors, retreats, and vacation getaways for us to list here. Please remember that we're a journal, not a certification board. You'll want to inquire about theological orientation, counseling approach, cost, and other issues before deciding which resource best meets your need.

Pastor's pastors
Counselors, clinics, and retreat centers for your spiritual and emotional health.

Barnabas Ministries
Dick and Dee Sochacki
39391 Roslyn Drive
Sterling Heights MI 48313
E-mail: Rlsochacki@compuserve.com
Encourages wounded, discharged, burned-out, and fallen church leaders, especially in independent and nondenominational ministries. Provides counseling, places of retreat, and other resources.

Center for Continuing Education Richard Busch Virginia Theological Seminary (ECUS) 3737 Seminary Road Alexandria VA 22304con-ed@vts.eduSix-week ...

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