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Reflections on the Journal 1980-2000

The January 1980 launch of LEADERSHIP brings back vivid memories. Even though we felt we had done our research homework to create a useful pastoral resource, there were no guarantees of success.

In fact, one highly respected, nationally known Christian leader told me in plain language, "Robbie, the last thing pastors have time to do these days is read another magazine!" He was right, of course, but, with the help of a lot of great contributors, we worked to create more than "another magazine."

Twenty years later, our readers continue to affirm the value of the original concept—that the journal must be (1) pro pastor, (2) practical, (3) people centered, and (4) fun.

What am I thinking about now? Well, a few days ago, I found myself unusually moved when reading that, somewhere in Sarajevo, Bosnia, a war-wracked place, a baby had been born that raised the global population to 6 billion. That's twice as many people as were alive in 1960. As I pondered this, I realized my pastoral instincts ...

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