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What Do Americans Believe?

The latest research on the spiritual life of America

Are Americans more religious than people anywhere else in the world? Are the beliefs of Christians in the U.S. indistinguishable from those of non-Christian Americans?

The last Special Report addressed the incorrect assumption that the church in America is in decline. The truth is that attendance figures have been steady for more than 60 years. This report examines what Americans believe and practice, how that compares to several other countries, and then concludes with a specific look at born-again Christians.

Religion in America and Around the Globe

For many Americans, religion, particularly Christianity, exerts a strong impact on their lives. However, they don't think religion has much influence on American society. More Americans say religion's impact on American life is decreasing (58%) than increasing (36%), according to the Gallup studies. Nevertheless, six in ten (59%) say religion is very important in their own lives—a percentage that has held steady since 1978.

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