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The Emerging Type Of Church Leader

After years of emphasizing the CEO model, what's next?

The role of pastors has not remained the same from the New Testament till today. Instead, pastors have taken on different emphases at various times in history. [See Marshall Shelley's survey of these.]

Recently, the pastoral emphasis has been on leading. A choir of voices, including mine, have recommended that local-church leaders actually learn how to lead. This emphasis seemed apt, given that today, churches need significant change and innovation. Change and innovation are the forte of leaders, not teachers and nurturers.

This model -- leader, CEO, change agent -- differed greatly from the model before it of spiritual guide. The spiritual-guide pastor met with God, studied the Word, and delivered it in understandable format for Christians with an appetite. We assumed this person was a leader, not because of gifting, but because of role. Unfortunately, when the times require leading, the spiritual guide may lack the gifting to get the job done.

Now, a new pastoral model is emerging, one ...

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