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It was too late to get out. I was wedged into the back seat and miles from anywhere when I learned that the driver, our host, had received death threats as recently as a year ago.

Last month I was in Jordan with a two-fold agenda: to visit biblical sites, and to meet Christians living in an Islamic culture. That's how I met Esam, an enthusiastic man in his fifties who eagerly shares his faith despite the pressures of his culture.

He was driving five of us journalists to the camp he operates on three acres in the hills overlooking the Zarqa River. That's the river, known in the Bible as the Jabbock, where Jacob wrestled with a mysterious foe and refused to quit until his opponent blessed him (Gen. 32). Jacob eventually got his blessing—and along with it a dislocated hip.

Today this is where Esam seeks to be a blessing through the camping ministry—where each summer more than 500 children will enjoy games, songs, an obstacle course, and learn about Jesus. In addition, Esam heads ...

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