It's a Small Worldview After All

The development of a global culture—where people in many countries watch the same movies, listen to the same music, and buy the same products—is now producing a global shared-value system. People around the world are becoming more alike than different.

Researchers at Roper Starch Worldwide surveyed 35,000 consumers in 35 countries, asking them to identify which in a list of values they thought were most important (see list in "Trendex"). Based on those rankings, six mindsets emerged, offering a glimpse inside the minds of unchurched Harry and Mary and Henryck and Maria.

Creatives: These are renaissance people who are deeply committed to life, learning, and technology.

The key message to reaching them is "Challenge my mind, broaden my horizons."

Fun seekers: Party people stress social and hedonistic pursuits. They focus on excitement, recreation, and technology.

Key message: "Entertain me with fun, friends, and fantasy."

Intimates: People people are concerned with family, home, and ...

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