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A new wave of books on evangelism is being published. It could be that interest is rising and new ideas are flowing. Or perhaps authors are seeing a dearth of evangelistic activity and need to stir the pot.

Either way, we need good books on the subject. Here are six of my favorites.

How to Reach Secular People

by George G. Hunter III (Abingdon, 1992)

This book, along with Hunter's The Celtic Way of Evangelism (Abingdon, 2000), helped me understand and articulate what I was already experiencing in my evangelistic work as a pastor: old approaches seldom work.

After introducing readers to the rise of secularism ("How the West Was Lost"), Hunter profiles contemporary secular people, acknowledging that they are often deeply spiritual, though not in the Christian sense of the word. His insight that people are now more conscious of doubt than guilt forced me to search for ways to help seekers find a faith in Christ that allows them to wrestle with doubt. In his Celtic Way of Evangelism, Hunter similarly ...

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