To Illustrate Part I

Movie clips to show or tell

Rated PG-13
(Columbia Pictures, 2002)
Scene begins at 1:30:25
Length: 2.5 minutes
Incarnation, Sanctification,
Romans 8:29, 12:1-2;
John 1:14

Set-up: Nebbishy Peter Parker has undergone a transformation. Bitten by a spider that's been subjected to genetic experimentation, Peter develops superpowers. Beneath his lycra union suit beats the heart of a hero who nightly swings between the skyscrapers, looking for some endangered soul to rescue.

One he helps is Mary Jane, a young woman he secretly loves. And she falls for Spider-Man—but not for Peter Parker. Mary Jane (M.J.) doesn't know who Spider-Man really is—even when he comes to her rescue.

Just after Peter and M.J. part company outside a diner late one night, four thugs approach M.J. and back her into an alley. Peter watches as one of the men pulls a knife on her. M.J. tries to defend herself for a moment, then, suddenly Spider-Man appears, spins a web, and the four bad guys are all tied up. Later, ...

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