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Christian Bachelor Party

The invitation was unlike any I'd seen: "Christian Bachelor Party—tasteful gifts only."

I'd been to enough non-Christian bachelor parties to know of tasteless gifts and raunchy celebrations. But what does a "Christian" bachelor party look like?

I arrive to find men wandering aimlessly around some tasteless, Christian punch. I notice the groom sitting by himself, uncertain and pale.

He reminds me of the grooms I've seen in my office anxiously awaiting the ceremony, young men in stiff-collared tuxedos, sweating. The groomsmen would gather about, like nervous allies, trying to mask their fear while the groom gazes out the window. Not really knowing what to say, but wanting to help their beleaguered comrade, they're at a loss before the overpowering mystery of marriage.

As the fateful bells begin to chime, the best man slaps the trembling groom on the back. "You scared?" Usually the awkward question receives no answer.

"I hope you are scared," the seasoned pastor and married man in me says. "If ...

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