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Busyness, Despair, and Motivation

From my journal: "As I try to clean up my office from the piles of papers which have accumulated in all the speaking I've been doing, I find myself wondering if there are more than a few times when I just might miss the point of all that I am speaking about. How do we get so busy that we risk slipping away from the core of faith which is bound up in the simple fact that we are called to love, to obey and to serve the living God that Jesus reveals to us?"

I clipped this from a book review: Reflecting on Deborah Cramer's book Great Waters, a book on environmentalism, Michael Parfit says, "She's selling despair, not motivation. This willingness to incorporate shaky information as long as it supports her thesis mars the book. Worse, Cramer's focus on the hobnails in the human footprint gives no real weight to the efforts—and successes—of millions of people who have changed their way of life to make less impact or who have worked hard to protect watersheds and coral reefs, individual ...

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