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Six Ways I Quit Church

Leadership Weekly Readers Respond to Chad Hall's Article

(Editor's note: An article in our e-mail newsletter, Leadership Weekly, by pastor Chad Hall, "Six Ways I Quit Church," drew lots of response. Many cheered. Many jeered. Many shook their heads in disbelief. And many wrote to us. Here are some of their many replies. )

Excellent article! How can we be good fishers of people if we don't know what bait they're biting these days? This will really help me in my sermons, as well as in my encouragement of others!

Debbie Sandifer

I'm not believing my eyes. My heart truly goes out to this minister. Somewhere along the line, he's "missed the boat. " … . Sometimes our walk with God is trying, but we're not to give up, only persevere. The whole point in not forsaking the fellowshipping of our brothers and sisters in Christ is to continue in God's love, edifying one another.


While I appreciate Chad's desire to "think like a fish" I believe his approach to ministry not only gets him off the boat and into the water but to a place where his life may ...

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