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National Pastors, Conjoined Conventions

Lessons for and from the Goateed

This year's National Pastors Convention managed to break new ground in a couple of significant ways. First, the event was actually two conjoined conferences. Some 2,500 registered for the National Pastors Convention, and more than 700 attended the simultaneous Emergent Convention, which was for people doing ministry in a postmodern context.

Second, the conference was so well received that in 2004, the conjoined conventions will be held twice—in San Diego in March and in Nashville in May.

The two conventions offered separate general sessions but a shared lineup of workshops, morning Bible studies, book clubs, and late night concerts, comedy, and conversations.

Walking into the lobby, your first impression is that NPC is for those over 35 and EC for those under 35. More balding heads in one room; more shaved heads (or frosted) in the other. Goatees abound in both. Early morning sessions are populated mostly by the NPC; late nights draw more EC. Music at NPC is from contemporary artists ...

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