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If Paul Had PowerPoint

Without Windows NT, is it a wonder the gospel ever escaped Jerusalem?

When my imagination gets out of control, I think about what it must have been like in the days when the Apostles (Peter and Paul, for example) were preaching. Sometimes, I wonder if they would have had patience with our ways in today's world.

For example, a considerable amount of my time is spent speaking at pastors conferences and other similar events. I feel complimented when I am asked to participate. I have never quite gotten over the notion that people are willing to invite me to their church or their conference and give me a chance to open my heart. Accepting the invitation is relatively easy. It's what often comes afterwards that gets complicated.

That's where I get to thinking about Peter and Paul. Imagine letters going out to them that sound like this:

To: Peter, c/o Jerusalemchurch.org We are looking forward to your preaching in the Temple square on Pentecost day 9 months from tomorrow. Since we are about to send out our first wave of publicity, we would like to ask your assistance. ...

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