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Have We Room for Thoughtful Political Discussion?

Replies to Gordon MacDonald's June column
Editor's note: We received many, many replies to Gordon MacDonald's June 2004 column in Leadership Weekly, "Have We Room for Thoughtful Political Discussion?" (To read the original column, click here.) While we cannot publish all the responses, we would like to share a sampling from the e-mail bag. Here they are, in no particular order, for your thoughtful consideration.

Leadership Weekly,I was moved to write in response to your newsletter article on the lack of real, meaningful discussion regarding our current political situation and the many areas in which our country is heading in dangerous directions. I am so pleased that someone of Mr. MacDonald's stature and thoughtfulness is asking for real dialogue. Way too often in Christian circles there is a sense that if one questions or (heaven forbid) objects to a decision our current president or ruling party makes, you are looked at as if you blasphemed the Holy Name! Because he identifies himself as an evangelical and because he is a Republican, ...

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