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Spying New Leaders

They may not step forward. Here's how to find the leaders you need.

Julie was a quiet girl in our Bible study. Petite and soft-spoken, she shared things on her heart and expressed her love for God. One day my husband and I drew Julie (names have been changed) aside.

"I think you may have the spiritual gift of leadership," said my husband.

"Me?" Julie looked stunned.

We talked to her about why we thought she was a potential leader—how she took initiative, influenced people, and didn't seem afraid to encourage people to get more involved.

She went home in a bit of a daze. The thought of being a leader had never occurred to her.

We began giving her leadership assignments in our small group, leading worship time and Bible discussion questions. She tried leading in bite-sized chunks. Our Bible study eventually ended, but Julie led another Bible study group; then she led worship one Sunday. Now Julie leads the worship team regularly.

This would have never happened had not someone nudged her toward leadership.

This is part of our calling as leaders—to spot and cultivate ...

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