Passionate for Change

For the church course, these business books are up to par.

Legendary golf instructor Harvey Penick wrote a best seller entitled Harvey Penick's Little Red Book a few years back. An instruction manual, the book also touched a deep emotional need. Readers responded to Penick's heartfelt love for both a sport and those who shared his love of it.

Readers of Deep Change and Leadership on the Line will find similar passion in these two books. Both express love for the topic and for those developing their skills.

In Deep Change, Robert Quinn says one person can transform the larger organization of which he is a part. To choose otherwise is to begin a process of either "active exit" or "slow death." The latter, which many ministry professionals will resonate with, is "a meaningless and frustrating experience enmeshed in fear, anger, and helplessness, while moving surely toward what is most feared."

But unlike many other books on leadership, Quinn stresses the necessity of deep change at the personal level before attempting organizational transformation. ...

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