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Leader's Insight: Hearing Voices

How blue tooth technology has me connecting on a spiritual plane.

From my journal: Last week the cell phone people told me that it was time to renegotiate my contract, and, if I agreed to new terms, there would be a new cell phone in the deal. I ended up with a dazzling new model that does everything but take out the garbage. With this new phone came a blue tooth (what a weird name!) accessory that fits in my ear and permits hands-free operation. Now I've joined the ranks of those who walk around looking as if they're talking to themselves.

Yesterday in the men's room, I looked at myself in the mirror. My blue tooth earpiece was fixed in my ear. Several other men on either side of me had similar blue teeth … I mean earpieces. Now here's a thought. No man in my generation—at least that I know of—would be caught dead wearing an earring (that's for other generations). But we apparently don't think twice about inserting these things in our ears. As far as I can see, we look far more ridiculous.

Then again, I do like my blue tooth earpiece. ...

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