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March 2005

When You're the Firing Squad
Are you making those tough decisions for the right reason?
Leader's Insight: Is the Resurrection Necessary?
Why an empty grave is the pivotal piece in the case for our faith.
Limping Leaders
For a generation fixated on sprinting, failure is producing a better way.
Communication As a Team
Once you've recruited volunteers and trained them for each of their positions, how do you form and maintain a strong bond in a group of very diverse people?
What Every Children's Ministry Leader Needs to Know
Bill Hybels on effective leadership in children's ministry.
What Every Church Leader Needs to Know About Children's Ministry
An interview with and comments made by Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church.
Support and Encourage Volunteers
It's important to value and treasure the people who have been chosen to share their lives with children.
Volunteer Recruiting Tips
Never recruit a volunteer to complete a task. Rather, offer gifted believers opportunities to use their spiritual gifts.
Model Authenticity
Children "hear" our actions louder than our words. Our modeling and application needs to be as true as the story we teach.
Tips for Life Application and Bible Verse Memory
One of the main goals in children's ministry is to bring the Bible, God's Word, into the lives of children.