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November 2005

Leader's Insight: Who Really Needs Church?
Coping with the death of ecclesiology.
Leader's Insight: Adrian Rogers on Commitment
What should we expect from church attenders and leaders?
Leader's Insight: Get Back in the Game!
A halftime speech to a tired teammate.
Leader's Insight: Resolutions or Prayer
Two roads to greatness, and other observations from Gordon MacDonald's journal.
One Way to Say It
Sometimes it can be so refreshing to hear a child's perspective!
I Thank God For...
I sent a simple survey to parents requesting that they let their sons and daughters complete the sentence "I thank God for …" Here's a sampling of what kids expressed thankfulness for, in their words.
One Word
Everyone knows the dual role of Thanksgiving—eating more than what's reasonable and expressing appreciation for something or someone.
The unholy trinity: me, myself, and I.
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