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I Thank God For...

I sent a simple survey to parents requesting that they let their sons and daughters complete the sentence "I thank God for …" Here's a sampling of what kids expressed thankfulness for, in their words.

Our family participated in a neighborhood garage sale this year. For days leading up to the big weekend, we looked for and gathered unused or unwanted stuff from bedrooms, closets, and the basement. We placed small stickers with prices on every item and carried them into the garage. Isn't it amazing how "junk" items with little or no value will immediately transform into "merchandise" when you apply a tiny price tag?

Midway through our first hour of business, a grandmother examined our goods and focused on my daughter's Barbie doll collection—a perfect gift for her granddaughter. Princesses, fashion models, rock stars, Ken, and a giant camper all sat together on a large table waiting for a new home. This nice lady shed her innocent image, though, when she offered an insultingly low dollar amount for the entire Barbie set.

I remembered all the "Thank you, thank you, thank yous" my daughter said, accompanied by big hugs, when she unwrapped each figure or accessory across a several year ...

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