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Top 10 Christian Influencers

Pastors named Billy Graham as the most influential Christian leader in the U.S. according to a new survey, and they say Graham is still the most trusted spokesman for the Christian faith. Pastors were each asked to identify three leaders; 300 total were named.

Graham was chosen by pastors of all denominations, with Purpose-Driven author and pastor Rick Warren second, but there was great disparity in their remaining selections, with each group more likely to nominate its own. Mainliners commended Martin Marty and Will Willimon; Baptists cited Jerry Falwell, John MacArthur, and Adrian Rogers; and Pentecostals tapped Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, and Paul Crouch.

Here are the top ten influencers, averaged from all pastors' nominations:

1. Billy Graham
2. Rick Warren
3. George W. Bush
4. James Dobson
5. Bill Hybels
6. T.D. Jakes
7. John Maxwell
8. George Barna
9. Pope John Paul II
10. Max Lucado
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From Issue:Spring 2005: Bridging Barriers
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