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Bring Down That Wall

How can we lower the barrier between pastors and musicians?

In too many of our churches, there is a wall, not made of brick and mortar, or even drywall, but just as real. Although rarely acknowledged, this wall effectively divides musicians and other artists from pastors and teachers.

In most cases, the wall is not erected intentionally or maliciously, yet it blocks vital communication and damages Sunday services more than we know. Even if they can't identify it, those who attend our churches sense the wall's existence—largely because the hour on Sunday feels disjointed or inexplicably "off" somehow. Instead of experiencing an integrated service that takes them on a spiritual journey, our congregations get a jerky shift from part one of the service to part two.

My ministry requires me to span two worlds: the world of teaching pastors and the world of artists. Because I function in both worlds, I have a front row seat when it comes to the challenges on each side of the wall.

Generally speaking, pastors/ teachers and artists are wired differently. ...

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