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Behind the Camera for the ROUND TRIP DVD

A conversation with Nate Clarke, director; Ken Oloo, cameraman; and Andy Crouch, executive producer.

Round Trip isn't just about both American and Kenyan mission teams—it was shot by a multinational team. How did you find one another?

Nate Clarke: Getting a non-American involved behind the camera was a high priority for us. We wanted the way we told the story to reflect the fact that the future of missions is multi-directional. Also, we had to do it that way for budget reasons! We couldn't afford for me to make several scouting and shooting trips to Kenya. So while I was in Kenya with the Chapel Hill team, I kept my eyes peeled for someone who had experience in video and could be a good partner. The very first full day we were there, Pastor Kyama introduced us to the media team from Mavuno Downtown church, and I sat down on a concrete bench next to Ken Oloo. It was quickly clear that not only was Ken interested in helping, but he asked good questions, had an eye for composition, and was willing to take direction. So I continued to ask Ken to join us on shoots. He immediately became ...

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