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The Power of (Short) Story

One hundred words or less. That was the assignment pitched to our congregation: "Send us a story of a 'God moment' in your life using less than 100 words." That's not a lot of words—this column is over twice that number. But one of our drama directors had experienced a deeply moving service at another church based on this premise, and we thought we'd give it a try.

In poured the stories. The content ranged widely from the more dramatic, such as rescues from car accidents, adopted babies for the infertile, and recovery from addiction to alcohol, to the smaller and quieter moments that recognized the presence of the supernatural with no less impact or spiritual significance.

For our Easter celebration, Ingrid DeSanctis and a team of designers wove those stories into a beautiful 20-minute tapestry punctuated by visuals and music.

As I listened to people from our congregation who are normally sitting in the seats speak their 100 words of testimony to the work of God, I was struck once again ...

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