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Desperate Times

How did sex become just skin-on-skin instead of soul-to-soul?

If only sex were as simple as "the birds and the bees." And perhaps it is. Like the creatures of nature, sex is a part of God's good creation. Yet, just as birds drop and bees sting, human sexuality can create sudden messes and unanticipated pain in many lives.

Today's ministry leaders are not immune to the stains and stings of sexuality. In fact, we are called into the middle of them as we attempt to help people live faithfully and well within a sexually charged culture.

Leadership's Marshall Shelley and Chad Hall invited three Christian leaders to the campus of Duke Divinity School to discuss ministry in our decidedly post-Eden world.

Bruce Marcey is lead pastor of Warehouse 242, a church in the uptown area of Charlotte, North Carolina, and known for being culturally engaged while placing a high value on communicating theological truth.

James Emery White founded Mecklenburg Community Church in suburban Charlotte in 1992 and has written widely on the intersection of church and culture in ...

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