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Sexual Training ...

In righteousness, that is.

During my first year as youth pastor, I was invited to guest preach for a man who was a hero in his denomination. He had come to Christ at the age of 47, put himself through Bible college, and followed a call to buy a tent and evangelize South Australia. He and his wife planted a string of churches across the outback, including the vibrant church where I spoke.

A few months after my visit, I learned this man was no longer in ministry; he was involved sexually with women in his congregation. I was shocked.

First, he was a hero of the faith—the churches planted through his sacrificial ministry bore testimony to his love for Jesus.

Second, he was nearly 70 years old. Even at that age, his sexual appetite had brought him down.

Just 30 years old at the time, I wondered, Doesn't sexual temptation ever let up?

A few years later, I found myself attracted to another woman in our congregation. To this day I can't explain why. My wife is vivacious, gorgeous, and passionate. Yet nothing I did would ...

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